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    Firmware change log

    It has been a long wait for this vague detail, lol:
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    Ash removal

    I'm not a clean freak, nor do I consider myself anal, but I do want my smokers and grills to perform well and I want to avoid potential risks associated with a dirty unit. For me, that entails ash removal after each use of the Traeger smoker and I find this lightweight, cordless vacuum quite a...
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    Traeger Automation

    This is a testament to the "set it and forget it" claim and not so much that this turkey pic looks like a masterpiece. Almost immediately after placing the bird in the smoker our clothes dryer caught fire--it was small and self-extinguished--but still caught fire inside the control panel. The...
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    Smoke tube question

    The other day, Beaser mentioned that some folks use a smoke tube. I'm not used to smoking at temps less than 250f, and I come from the charcoal fuel camp. It's my experience thus far that even at <200f on the Ironwood I'm not satisfied with the smoke taste. For those of you who use a tube, or...
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    Ironwood 885 under-the-hood component storage

    Most of you are more expert than myself but for my grills and smokers I prefer storing my grates and associated components indoors between use (specifically, in the basement). If interested, I use these bags: For the two grates...