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    Startup with lid open or Closed
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    NEW Cookbook?

    Has anyone bought this new cookbook? Showstopping BBQ with Your Traeger Grill: Standout Recipes for Your Wood Pellet Cooker It barely been out a month.
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    Pro 575 Leg Upgrade

    How much for both legs?
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    Help! Strain Pellets?

    Fill it up
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    Help! Strain Pellets?

    Does anybody strain the pellets? I do have the Traeger lid and strainer, but does anybody go beyond that?
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    Best Pellet Cookbook?

    Can anybody recommend a good pellet grill cookbook, either hardcopy or digital?
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    Lol, I saw that. If you go (and count) 10 zeros you will get to "10." Same on the hours
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    Short Read for You and a Traeger Pic to Boot

    I am an outdoor photographer/writer. If it has to do with a fly rod or a shotgun, there is a good chance any fishing or hunting magazine might have one of my articles in it. This month check out American Waterfowler magazine or Upland Almanac magazine for some of my work. Surprisingly I made it...
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    Grill Blankets and the Summer

    I see the warnings on the Traeger and other grill blankets about not using them above a certain temperature, but what if you do? Is there a real danger using it, let's say if it's 80 degrees outside? I want to think that it would use less pellets with this added insulation or do i have to...
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    Pro 575 Leg Upgrade

    NO, but i have considered getting another set of 575 wheeled legs to make it more mobile
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    Beware of the new app

    When loading the new app it asks for permission to access your pictures, your camera, and other things on your device. If you decline, it will not load. The best thing to do is load it, accept the permissions, and then later change the permissions so that Traeger is not checking up on you.