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    Pellets Canadian retailer for Bear Mountain pellets

    Hi. Does anyone know where I can purchase Bear Mountain pellets in Canada or online with shipping charges that aren't outrageous? Thanks
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    Ranger manual errors and omissions

    I've had my Ranger for a little over a week now and have only grilled once but I have to say that I'm disappointed with the manual, the grill and with Traeger. With regard to the manual I quickly, and necessarily, discovered the following errors and omissions: 1) Under the heading Control...
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    Hi from the Great White North, eh.

    Four days in on my new Ranger here in Ontario, Canada. Already working on some mods. Happy grilling/smoking everyone!
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    Traeger Owner's Manual vs reality

    Is it just me or do others have a manual that does not align with the function of their Ranger grill? I've only had my Ranger for 3 days and here are the things I've already discovered: 1) Under the heading Control Shutdown Cycle, on page 15 of my manual, it states "The display will flash OFF...
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    Portable battery power for the Ranger

    Looking for recommendations for a portable battery to power my Ranger. Considereding Ecoflow and Goal Zero Yeti models but not sure what models or stats I should be looking for.