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    Traeger Customer Service and Timerbline 1300 Purchasing Experience (how does this company stay in business?)

    I purchased my 1300 from BBQ guys in Louisiana, and the shipped it on a pallet. Absolutely zero damage to the box or grill. Perhaps Traeger could save a boatload of expense and customer headache/frustration if they shipped these grills on pallets, instead of just a cardboard box.
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    What's for dinner tonight? Dinner ideas?

    I tried that chili..I pretty much like everything that Meat Church puts out, but TBH, that chili doesn’t taste like any “Texas” chili I ever had. We weren’t impressed..
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    Fireboard 2 Alternate Use

    Yup, that’s exactly what I said in the post above
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    Traeger Silverton 620 - Questions

    The power cord that comes out off the Traeger is 18 gauge, so a standard 16 gauge cord will work fine. I use a 14 gauge outdoor lighted cord, but 14 gauge is probably overkill, but it’s what I already had.
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    Probes getting a boost?

    An accurate pit probe would also be a giant leap in the right direction.
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    Probes getting a boost?

    Even if the Traeger meat probe was accurate, I wouldn’t use it. One probe is never enough for me, and I wouldn’t want to monitor probes from two different apps.
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    Probes getting a boost?

    Yeah, that was my thought also. That just maybe Traeger acquired Meater, so that they could develop a solution similar to the Yoder/FireBoard. One can only hope!
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    Burnt Ends

    I agree! I believe many of those recipes in the app were developed in the kitchen using a big ol Viking or Wolf commercial oven, and most of the temps don’t reflect what anyone would do on a smoker, let alone a pellet grill. It just appears to me that Traeger was in a hurry to get recipes for...
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    Traeger buys wireless thermometer company Meater

    Maybe they do, and maybe Yoder has some kind of exclusive deal with FireBoard.
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    Traeger buys wireless thermometer company Meater

    Maybe a FireBoard like solution is what Traeger had in mind, when they acquired Meater. One can only hope..
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    Replacement drip tray

    They are talking about a replacement tray, not the piece of foil that goes on top.
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    Traeger buys wireless thermometer company Meater

    Yeah, I was thinking about that too. I don’t own a Meater, but I’ve seen pics of the app, and I think it’s pretty bad, when compared to the Thermoworks or FireBoard apps.
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    What's for dinner tonight? Dinner ideas?

    That’s a long slim one..what’s in it
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    Probes getting a boost?

    Yes,I agree with that. Many of the Costco grills get returned for just that reason. That said, I don’t believe I’ve ever owned a grill/smoker with an accurate pit probe. However Yoder may just be changing that with FireBoard electronics and probes. I always thought that great electronics...