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    Companion Gasser

    I'm putting the big ol' Brinkman on Craigslist next week as the new sear station from Costco should arrive on Tuesday. This puppy is only 21 inches wide for cooking with the shelves folded down. That's all I need for searing. $249 if you can find it at Costco near you.
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    To Wrap or not?

    I don't wrap butts. I do make sure there is a drip pan underneath with water for most of the cook. They tend to take 20-22 hours for my butts to be finished though.
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    Wire Rack for Meatloaf

    I get these all the time. While it says they are disposable, I've run them through the dishwasher many times and reused them. I toss them only after a particular messy cook. You can get these at WallyWorld.
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    Pellets Sam's Club Pellets - Smokehouse brand?

    If you have a Buc-ee's or an Academy store, you can get 40# of B&B Championship blend for $14.99 every day. It's a great overall blend for pellet cooking.
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    Companion Gasser

    Costco has a great deal on a 2 burner Kitchen Aid Stainless gasser. If you can find one locally, they are closing them out at $249, but online they are $329 including delivery. It's the perfect size for a sear station.
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    Treager Newbie

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    Help! Meat comes out of Traeger with a STRONG taste of smoke.

    Cheese & Crackers! Check out Academy, Buc-ee's, & Tractor Supply for B&B and Bear Mountain pellets.
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    Buying a Pro-34

    I'd keep it out of direct sunlight if I were you. Other than that, you are going to save on pellets compared to those in northern latitudes since ambient is already triple digits some times.
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    Timberline 1300

    I leave mine plugged in, but it is plugged into a UPS for surge protection and brownouts/power failures during overnight cooks. It will update itself this way too. Brushing while the grate is WARM, not hot does a grate job. :)
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    Outdoor Kitchen Build

    Well, SWMBO's bigger rug and new benches are in. The outdoor kitchen is complete. A good friend said it looks like an outdoor living room now. It is a comfortable place to hang out, whether chillen' or grillen'
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    Help! Failed cook on Ranger

    Probably high humidity did it. Did you leave the pellets in the hopper for any length of time before beginning the cook?
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    Check this out (searing related)

    Smoke Bath - Water Bath Tomato - Tomahto. 🤣
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    Check this out (searing related)

    Great sear, but I have given up on searing on a Traeger as you go through pellets like crazy and it takes time to get to temp and then unless your Traeger is absolutely clean, it WILL catch fire and burn off some of the grease. I use the Traeger to reverse sear. Meat get a smoke bath for about...
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    What's for dinner tonight? Dinner ideas?

    Well it ain't a pellet grill, but I have to keep the BGE's from molding up.
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    Traeger replace a Weber? Or need both??

    Nice. Good info. I'd love a small Weber Genesis for this. I had my eyes on this model from Costco. I would not install the shelves on each side though. I think it would be 24" wide then, but I cannot find it at any stores now, but I an order it online.